Saturday, July 20, 2013


Where do we begin?

With all the world before us, should we look outward, or start with the internal view of our ourselves through the lens of excellence?

Leading by example is often effective.

Perhaps we should start there.

How does an individual, like me, make excellence operational in my life?

Declaring the intention to myself, my family and friends, co-workers, and the world might be a place to start.  To do so can create significant expectations, perhaps more than what our capabilities and intentions can initially achieve.

Aristotle noted that we become something by doing it more and more. For example, somebody becomes brave by doing more and more brave things.  Eventually others will begin to recognize the difference in our behaviors,  and see a difference between us and most others.  Self-declaration is probably not worth the effort.  When others see the behaviors and decisions that show excellence, they will eventually declare our capabilities.  It would be arrogant and crass for us to self-declare our journey towards excellence.

So let's keep our plan for excellence private at first.  In time, others will discover our change for the better.

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